Will Bryant

Will Bryant

User Architect,

Product Manager,

Creative Producer,

Problem Solver



  • Will Bryant is an accomplished user architect and creative producer with experience  in both in-house and agency settings. He has worked with clients of all sizes (from local businesses to larger companies like Lucas Film, Mattel, Hasbro and Disney).
  • Will has extensive experience creating and launching new product categories (the first HomeKit SmartPlug, the first Alexa-enabled alarm clock, etc.).
  • Will’s skillset focuses on comprehensive ideation and problem solving by converting abstract concepts into visualization tools such as flowcharts, storyboards and wireframes. 
  • He can then oversee the end-to-end development of projects by succinctly translating these ideas to both developers and designers. 
  • While Will is not a developer or a graphic designer, he draws from his years of experience overseeing both groups and feels comfortable conveying concepts to both. 
  • Will can adapt to virtually any need, and draws from his broad technical background to forecast and overcome roadblocks. At the end of the day, Will is a people person who works with a wide variety of stakeholders to create successful products. 
  • Will is married to an extraordinary woman (Debbie) and they share responsibilities rearing their three young daughters and playing with their remarkable black labradors. 




  • Effective oversight of designer and developer teams (both in-house or contracted)
  • Ability to accurately forecast and overcome roadblock 
  • Proven track record of successful project management and budgeting 
  • Experience managing relationships with top tier brands including Disney, Hasbro, Mattel, Lucas Film, etc. 



  • Beginning-to-end creative product development including entirely new product categories (both hardware and software)
  • Detailed user experience architecture and design with user stories and flowcharts
  • Concept development and visualization through wireframing and storyboarding 
  • Art direction and oversight 


Day to Day Software

  • Wireframing and Storyboarding (Omnigraffle)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) 
  • App Development (iTunes Connect, Xcode, TestFlight, etc.)
  • Management Programs (Basecamp, Slack, Jira)

Other Skills

  • Video Editing (Final Cut Pro)
  • Sound Design and Editing (Garage Band, Audacity, etc.)


Quinnipiac University 2011                                       

MS, Interactive Communications 

Focus - New Media 

Boston University 2005

BS, Communication

Focus - Public and Investor Relations

Recent Experience


ChristianaCare - Wilmington, DE; April 2018 - Present

Consumer Digital Program Manager, Office of Transformation - I currently oversee a portfolio of consumer-centric digital products ranging from proof of concepts to enterprise-wide solutions. I am the Primary product owner driving the development of digital products from ideation through implementation.

SDI Technologies (iHome) – Rahway, NJ; May 2014 - March 2018

Product Development, User Architect -  At iHome I was responsible for overseeing the user experience of all of iHome’s physical and digital products. I collaborated with an incredible group of developers and designers to create new, first to market technology products. 

KIDdesigns – Rahway, NJ; March 2013 - March 2018

Mobile Application Product Manager - Prior to my  position at iHome, I started working at iHome's sister company, KIDdesigns. I am responsible for overseeing all app design and development. Apps are designed specifically to work with KIDdesigns' mass-market toy hardware. 

WaveRider Design – Wilmington, NC; August 2012 - February 2013

Director of Production and Strategy - At WaveRider, I managed a team of in-house designers and developers to create custom mobile applications and websites for local and national brands. I handled client relations as well as the preliminary user experience design.

Ruckus Media Group – Norwalk, CT; August 2010 - July 2012

Senior Producer -  I managed the end-to-end production of interactive storybook apps with brands including Transformers, SeaWorld, VeggieTales and Dino Dan. Working at a startup proved to be an exciting experience.

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